10 measures to get a Godly Woman. One’s heart of her spouse trusts inside her, and then he shall do not have not enough gain.

Originally posted October 24th, 2014.

My cousin is with in their year that is final as scholar at Texas A&M. I will be composing this post for him and myriads of other teenage boys like him—young, solitary guys that We have conversations with just about every day about life and relationships. I am aware that Jesus doesn’t phone every man to wedding, but also for the countless he does, it really is a very important thing they look for a godly spouse. Away from salvation in Jesus Christ, a godly spouse brings more joy and joy to a person than whatever else on the planet. Because the Scripture claims, “An excellent wife who is able to find? She actually is a lot more valuable than jewels. She does him good, rather than damage, all of the times of her life” (Proverbs 31:10–12). exactly just What guy will not desire to realize that? A female which he can trust with every ounce of his being. a woman that is honest of integrity that desires her husband’s success. But where does a person start if he really wants to find a female that way? Where does he start to begin the seek out a lady of these value? Certainly not is it list exhaustive, nor or these fundamentally to be able worth focusing on, even though very very first a person is.

1) Pursue the father along with of the heart

This may appear as opposed to the target, however it is really primary in reaching it. Before a guy discovers a godly girl, he first discovers the living God. He begins to long to glorify Jesus Christ together with life and views Christ as infinitely valuable and well worth each of their energy and time(1 Corinthians 10:31). a woman that is godly maybe perhaps not accept any such thing less! She desires a guy that might be a spiritual frontrunner on her behalf, a guy that she can respect (1 Peter 3:1). Therefore be a guy after God’s heart that is own don’t appearance right straight back!

2) Know your value in Christ

Your value can be found in the simple fact that you’re developed in God’s image and therefore if you should be a believer in Christ, Jesus really loves you just as much as their beloved Son (John 17:23). If you’re looking for your legitimacy or worth in a female, you won’t locate a godly girl, since you will likely to be shopping for characteristics that the whole world esteems as opposed to the characteristics that Jesus esteems. Instead, you need to find your value in God’s love for you personally exhibited during the cross.

3) Pray each and every day for a wife that is godly

If you’re perhaps not praying for a godly girl, usually do not expect Jesus to create you one. Look for the father in prayer and inquire him to create that you godly girl. It really is okay to achieve that. Remember, you will be asking the Lord for “a positive thing.” Perhaps perhaps Not just a thing that is bad. So when Jesus reminds us, “How much more will your daddy that is in paradise provide good things to people who ask him” (Matthew 7:11)! Additionally, pray for wisdom and discernment. God is much a lot more than prepared to give that for you too for it (James 1:5–8) if you will ask him. Also, begin praying for the future wife. Pray for her security and her own development in godliness.

4) Search the Scriptures

Browse the Scriptures daily and Jesus provides you with knowledge, and also the Holy Spirit will utilize the expressed word to change and restore the mind to be much more like Christ’s (Romans 12:1–2). You may read passages like Proverbs 31 and Titus 2, and you’ll see and understand just just what Jesus considers to become a godly girl. a eyesight for just what types of girl Jesus is leading one to will quickly form in your thoughts while you tune in to the expressed word of Jesus. Most of all, your very own heart and character will quickly be a little more like Christ’s.

5) Join a church

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